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Whether you’re looking for variety, style, or for a hair replacement that looks as fantastic as it feels the Envy Wigs collection may be it! Show your confidence in Envy's open top designs, enjoy the softness of the mono part styles, be a natural beauty in lace front and mono top looks, or daring yet demure in hand-tied and Envy hair styles.


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  1. LYNSEY by Envy
    LYNSEY by Envy
  2. OLIVIA by Envy
    OLIVIA by Envy
  3. FLAME by Envy
    FLAME by Envy
  4. FIONA by Envy
    FIONA by Envy
  5. MCKENZIE by Envy
    MCKENZIE by Envy
  6. YURI by Envy
    YURI by Envy
  7. WHITNEY by Envy
    WHITNEY by Envy
  8. TANDI by Envy
    TANDI by Envy
  9. CHLOE by Envy
    CHLOE by Envy
  10. DANIELLE by Envy
    DANIELLE by Envy
  11. BELINDA by Envy
    BELINDA by Envy
  12. COCO by Envy
    COCO by Envy
  13. TINA by Envy
    TINA by Envy
  14. JO ANNE by Envy
    JO ANNE by Envy
  15. JEANNIE by Envy
    JEANNIE by Envy
  16. CARLEY by Envy
    CARLEY by Envy
  17. BOBBI by Envy
    BOBBI by Envy
  18. ANGIE by Envy
    ANGIE by Envy
  19. BRIANNA by Envy
    BRIANNA by Envy
  20. BRYN by Envy
    BRYN by Envy
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Alluring Envy Wigs for Women!

Hair can thin as we get older, and one way to regain your confidence is by wearing a wig that looks so natural, no one will know the difference! We are here to provide you with Envy wigs for mature women. Looking for a comfortable and stylish wig? You are exactly in the right place. 

What are Envy wigs?

If you’ve always longed for gorgeous and thick hair, then consider wearing wigs, hair extensions and add-ons from Envy. Every hairpiece is soft and comfortable. Envy wigs are so well-fitted that the only thing anyone else can notice is the hair they wish they had. With eco-friendly packaging, Envy always helps you and our world look its best.  Isn't it time you discover why everyone's going green with Envy? 

Adds to your Style Statement

You can get the gorgeous look, easy movement and subtle feel of natural hair. We are sure you will find an Envy wig that will be perfect for you. The contemporary, sexy, traditional, sassy or classic styles and various colors are available as envy wigs are in a great collection, including lace-front, mono-top, mono-part, open-top, synthetic, real hair, and lace-front mono-top. Envy wigs are light as a feather and made of a material that can be heat-styled. Envy wigs are just perfect for everyone.

Benefits of Envy Wigs:

Some benefits of Envy wigs are...

Under the Assistance of Professionals: Every single piece of hair has been hand-selected by the team of our professionals, in order to assure that each wig is unique, healthy, and offers nothing but the best.

No-Harm Heating - You can heat set them, curl them, straighten them, brush and comb them to create a finished style all your own.