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Follea wigs are renowned worldwide for the quality and realism of its next generation wigs and unique Topette Crown Extensions hairpieces. Follea Collections provide discerning women everywhere with the perfect hair-replication and volume-enhancing choices. Follea wigs are highly customizable and we recommend contacting us before ordering to ensure you get the best fitting hair style. Each style is 100% hand tied using the highest quality grade of sustainably sourced human hair. Discover each lace front human hair style Follea has to offer!


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Follea Wigs

For over 60 years Follea Wigs have been providing the world with quality, original hair replacement options. Their wigs are made of human hair, that is plucked from the patient's head. They can be made to look just like a regular wig or can be made to imitate different styles of traditional wigs such as a regal style, a classic style, or even a fashion style wig. All of the various styles are designed with comfort in mind.

Many European hair wigs for sale come in two standard sizes. There are European hair wigs that are full-length and others that are shorter. The shorter European hair wigs for sale are often machine made and come in three colors; Black, White, and Red. These wigs have excellent craftsmanship and last longer than most human hair wigs. Most of the European hair wigs for sale come with a warranty, which is usually for one year.

There are two top designs available in Europe. The first one is the Euro top, which is also known as the topette. The rosette is made from high quality European hair available at here at Wilshire Wigs. The topette has a very distinctive shape that mimics that of the human head. One major benefit of the topette wig is that it requires the least amount of maintenance and styling. Many European hair loss patients who use topette wigs say that they are the most comfortable of all wigs available.

The styling of the topette wigs differs slightly from other types of wigs. They are designed to comb the hair without removing the hair completely. The styling comb can be adjusted to different hair lengths. 

Many women suffer from hair loss and they want a natural looking product to help them regain their beautiful hair. The topettes are made using real human hair. Most of the time the hair is colored to create the illusion of the longer hair. The wig may also include real hair gems that blend perfectly with the hair to give you that full head of hair that you are looking for. Women who experience hair loss and thinning need to make sure that they keep their hair trimmed and free of tangles to avoid further hair loss. The wigs created with a top-quality wig hair top converter can be styled just like your own hair.

With the prices of human hair on the rise, people are looking for new ways to help them re-grow hair and save money at the same time. One way to save money is to purchase the wig that contains natural human hair. Many human hair wigs contain a chemical that is supposed to help the hair grow, but the chemicals tend to damage the scalp and can cause dryness. Many people choose to purchase synthetic hair wigs because they believe that human hair is more likely to produce natural results.