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Jon Renau

After opening in 1969, Jon Renau has grown into a leading international designer and manufacturer of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions. With a vast selection of styles, ranging from up-to-the-minute to classic, Jon Renau wigs are a favorite among those in the know.



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  1. HEAT by Jon Renau
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  2. HILLARY by Jon Renau
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  3. IGNITE by Jon Renau
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Jon Renau Wigs are the Talk of the Town!

Jon Renau is a big name as a manufacturer in the industry of wigs and hairpieces. It’s been known for the past 40 years as making quality wigs, hairpieces, extensions, and toppers. Jon Renau always offers the most exclusive handcrafted wigs, such as lace-front wigs, the highest quality human hair, and the synthetic-style wigs in the industry. Jon Renau wigs are as versatile as the needs of today’s men, women, and children. We are always striving to produce high-quality, fashion-forward styles with comfortable cap designs. The company is well known for its extensive hair color selection. 

We can simply say that from lace-front wigs to human hair, Jon Renau's wig collections are as versatile as the needs of today's women. This specific wig from Jon Renau is a pretty, longer-length natural style. You can style it however you want--the wig moves with you!

Benefits of Jon Renau Wigs

  1. Protect your natural hair by wearing a wig and avoid dyeing or heat-styling your hair! Wigs are the new trend in women’s fashion.
  2. Change your hair length by wearing a wig! If you have short hair and are looking for a longer style, simply buy the wig in the length you want.
  3. Overs the years, wigs have evolved along with new technology and craft, so they now look very natural and undetectable. We spend time perfecting our wigs for mature women in order to make them look the most natural. Many women often fear wearing a wig in public, but in fact, many women wear wigs out and go unnoticed. You wouldn't have guessed that there are probably many people in your own life that wear a wig!
  4. Wigs provide you with the option to get a brand-new style whenever you want! The styles are virtually limitless with wigs for mature women available in a vast variety of colors, lengths, and cuts. If you want a bob but are worried you will regret chopping off all your hair, try a wig! If you want purple hair but don't want to dye it, try a wig!
  5. While wearing a wig, your own hair is kept out of the way. This will improve your own hair's condition, especially if you are not heating, drying or damaging it. You may find that your natural hair grows longer and improves in quality from this. Wearing a wig gives your own hair a chance to recover and get some love! 

Even though the price of a human hair wig is much higher than a synthetic hair wig, it does not mean human hair wigs are better than synthetic hair wigs. We consider durability, realistic look and flexibility to styling.