Color Matching: Choosing the right wig color

Finding the right wig color is crucial to your look.

Since 1967 here at Wilshire Wigs we're dedicated to helping our customers find the style and colors they'll love! As you probably know there are tons of colors available in each style, and we understand selecting the correct or matching color can be difficult.

On each product page you'll notice when you click a specific color a large version of it shows up. These are called color swatches. Color swatches are made up from the manufactures primary for professional use and may not show the full color effects of each style.

To remedy this we offer a color matching service!

Simply email us the highest quality photo of your hair color or hair sample in natural light and our color consultants will find you a few styles with matching colors.

Please send the photo to: [email protected]


Alternatively We Offer Color Rings

We offer color rings which include the real fibers of each brands' colors. Simply purchase any color ring per brand you're interested in, pick your color, and return the color ring! If you need help finding the correct color ring for each style please contact us