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  1. TOP CHOICE (Soft Shades) by Gabor
    TOP CHOICE (Soft Shades) by Gabor
  2. LONG TOP PIECE (Rooted Colors) by Rene of Paris
    LONG TOP PIECE (Rooted Colors) by Rene of Paris
  3. MED TOP PIECE (Rooted Colors) by Rene of Paris
    MED TOP PIECE (Rooted Colors) by Rene of Paris
  4. UNDER COVER HALO by Gabor
  5. TOP PERFECT by Gabor
    TOP PERFECT by Gabor
  6. TOP PERFECT (Soft Shades) by Gabor
    TOP PERFECT (Soft Shades) by Gabor
  7. TOP TIER by Gabor
    TOP TIER by Gabor
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Hairpieces for Women for Instant Unique Hairstyles

Everyone wants thick and shiny hair, and it’s all achievable with synthetic hair pieces! We have a wide range of hairpieces that are just perfect for every woman looking for thicker, fuller hair. 

These hairpieces include buns, human hairpieces, a ponytail hairpiece, fringe front coverage and other pieces that give you the volume, height, and fullness you want. You can take a look at our hairpiece collections to find one that fits your needs. If you’re in need of volume and length throughout your hair, we can help with hair extensions; and if you need even more coverage, our collection of wigs is among the best available.

Straining the hair follicle can cause it to fall out, and can be prevented; but if you are experiencing hair loss from hair styles such as cornrows, tight ponytails, or extensions, a hair piece might be right for you. 

Benefits of Hairpieces

There are a lot of benefits of using hairpieces...

Flaunt that Silky Hair

For those who are suffering from hair loss due to a serious medical condition, our hairpieces are the real deal. We also have wigs for women with thinning hair or baldness.

Cost Effective

It is much cheaper to get yourself a hairpiece than getting a hair transplant. It is worthwhile to mention that a hairpiece can help you avoid the possible risks including long recovery time, poor results and postoperative complications.

Different Look

The best part is a wig will give you an immediate new look.You can customize your hairpiece to match your style, mood, or needs; and with proper care, it will last for years to come. The choice is yours!