OSCAR (3 SIZES) by Silhouette

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Man's hairpiece. HAIR LENGTH: 4 1/2" to 6 1/2". FEATURES: 100% human hair, 3-way part, medium density throughout with Medium+ density in 3-way part, loose curls in front with light waves elsewhere, free-style and flat-hair-edge split-knotting, fine mono mesh base, scalloped front, clear poly skin with 3/4-inch poly-coated bands and a replaceable front. Comes with 7 3/4" X 10 1/4" base with "cutaway" guides for resizing. Can be cut to the following sizes: SMALL: 6" X 7 3/4" MEDIUM: 7" X 9". Gray shades use synthetic or Yak hair.

Cap Construction: Mono/Poly
Fiber: Human Hair
More Information
Length Short
Construction Bio Scallop
Curl Wavy
Size 7 1/2 X 10
Fiber Human Hair
Product Type Hairpiece
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