ResQ Bag

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The Original Carry-All for wigs and extensions, giving you the utmost in quality, discretion and convenience. Inside the ResQ Bag™ you'll find the Mini ResQ Bag™ (also sold separately) to hold and protect your wigs, hairpieces and extensions. The unique lining minimizes frizz and tangling, while keeping moisture away, making it the ideal way to maintain the quality and condition of your wearable hair. The ResQ Bag™ also comes with a complimentary set of 12 essential wig accessories. Available in pink, black, and leopard.

Designer Amy Gibson, alopecia activist and Emmy-nominated soap opera star, says, "I have lived without hair for over 25 years. At times it's been challenging. Being prepared for the unknown and having everything I need at my fingertips to keep my scalp clean, maintain my style and repair any existing wig or hair extension product on the spot, has helped make me feel confident and in control and ready for life's surprises. I created the ResQ Bag™ to make all of our lives easier. This unique carry-all kit for wigs and extensions is the first and ONLY of its kind. So now, there's nothing to stop you from living life, while wearing hair, to the fullest."