Wilshire Wigs is probably the largest wig and hair goods store in the entire United States. That may seem like a bold statement, but it's the truth. With over 2,000 wigs on display in our showroom and well over 100,000 in stock, we have the largest selection of brands, styles, and colors of wigs and hairpieces anywhere, at deeply discounted prices.

Started in 1967 by Ralph Sampson (spelled differently than the Biblical Samson), Wilshire Wigs & Accessories has steadily expanded, recently moving to our new 10,000 square feet facility in the Los Angeles area. Originally selling exclusively to the beauty trade and to wig shops around the country, Wilshire Wigs eventually expanded into direct sale to the public as well, although the beauty trade still accounts for over half our total sales. Then in 1978, a new division, Silhouette Hair For Men, was added, providing the finest quality hairpieces available, again from all major manufacturers at wholesale prices.