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Here’s All You Need to Know before Buying a Wig

Historically speaking, wigs have been around for quite a long time, and have been used for a variety of reasons in all sorts of situations. You may not believe it, but wigs used to be seen as a status symbol of your prestige and riches. But today, that understanding no longer remains. In fact, some people use wigs every single day as part of their daily beauty routine. But the question remains, where to buy wigs from?

So, if you are thinking about getting a wig for the first time, you have ended up at the perfect place to browse through for your first wig. Welcome to Wilshire Wigs! Please make sure to check out our beginners wig buying guide to make sure you’re getting the correct fit! This article will have all the information regarding the different types of wigs and hairpieces that you should have and consider before you purchase a wig.

The Multiple Benefits and Uses of Wigs

If you have already decided to invest in a wig, then most likely, you did so because of one or more of the following reasons:

Wigs are pretty convenient for some people, especially those of us who spend hours washing, blow-drying, setting and styling hair. With wigs, you can simply save all that time and spend it on something you are dying to do, such as going to a concert or your anniversary dinner, for example.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of wigs is that it opens up possibilities to style your hair in completely different hairstyles every day. You can go from a short bob to long wavy hair in a single day without having to change anything about your natural hair. This is why wigs are a complete industry of themselves out there, especially with close connections to the entertainment industry.

This, in combination with the endless styles, colors of wigs, is quite an attractive package to simply ignore. Wigs also reduce the need to subject your natural hair to harmful chemicals and procedures in order to style it every day. Instead, your hair can take this time to recover if it needs to, which brings me to my next benefit and use.

Hair loss and hair thinning affect quite a lot of people at various stages of their lives. These issues can be caused by harsh treatments for aggressive diseases such as cancer, or even stress and anxiety. Alternatively, hair loss or thinning may also be an unwanted and unavoidable consequence of aging, but whatever the reason, wigs can come in handy for all situations described above.

Wigs can truly help build confidence for someone who struggled mentally with having to deal with hair loss. They can bring a sense of comfort as well as raise self-esteem in tough situations. For example, looking good may indirectly impact your performance at work via improving your mood because you feel better.

At Wilshire Wigs, you will find wigs for men, wigs for women, and even best Children's Wigs. So, take your time to browse through our collection, showcasing some of the best brands in the business. For example, we have wigs stocked from Jon Renau, Envy, Raquel Welch, and Wig Pro, among others.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Wig for Your Head

While it may look simple at first, there are a few important details that you should know and decide upon before placing in your wig order. To begin with, you should know that there are many different types of hair wigs that come in different sizes, and types of hair fibers, mainly synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs, many styles and lengths.

Both these fiber types have their advantages depending on the kind of styling and texture you prefer. With advancements in technology synthetic hair wigs now look and feel increasingly similar to natural human hair wigs. The upside is that synthetic fiber can typically survive harsher treatment than human hair wigs.

Wigs come in a few different sizes such as Average, Large and Petite wigs, however most often people will fall into the average sizes. It is recommended that you take measurements of your head to determine the correct size and shape of your wig. You can refer to our Wig Size Guide and our face shape guide to better select the perfect wig. These can also be used for a custom wig, although we recommend that you go to a professional for the fitting and measurements if you are new to wigs.

The three measurements of your head that you may need for a standard wig are as follows: the ear to ear length, your head’s diameter or circumference, and finally, the length of your wig from front to back.

In addition to your head’s measurements, it would also be helpful to identify your face shape. Face shapes typically consist of the following; oval, round, diamond, heart, pear, oblong, and square.

These measurements are then used to determine which cap size your are such as; Average, Large or Petite wigs. There are various kinds of wig caps, with different kinds of methods used to attach hair to the caps. These include the hand-tied monofilament wigs and lace front wigs.

When is comes to wigs styles and brands there's many to choose from. We'd recommend searching the our types of wigs by their length and curl type. We offer all different lengths from Short Wigs to Long Wigs and from Straight to Curly Wigs.

Hand-tied monofilament wigs refer to wigs made by hand and thus give a more natural look. Sometimes this technique is combined with machine attached hair to speed up the process. Lace front wigs are perhaps the most popular type of wig because it hides the existing hairline and adjusts the new wig quite seamlessly.

Women, drag performers and a variety of other clients choose lace front wigs over others because they look more natural when put on and can also quite cheaper in comparison to other styles of wigs.

To make things simpler for you, here is a short list summarizing the categories you need to identify for yourself before finalizing on a wig:

  • Human Hair or Synthetic fiber
  • Head Measurements
  • Head Shape
  • Type of Wig Cap

How to Put On Your Wig

At this stage, you probably have your wig sitting right next to you. You have decided upon your aesthetic preferences you wish to follow as well as figured out the technical bits that you needed in order to purchase a wig. Now, it is finally time to put it on!

First, you should carefully but securely pin down all your natural hair flat against your scalp. You can use pins to do this, but we also recommend that you use a wig cap for your wig to sit on in place. Even if you do not have much hair to begin with, wearing a wig cap that is made out of either mesh or nylon is how your wig can stay in place for an entire day.

Alternatively, or in addition to a wig cap, you can also use a wig band to hold your wig in place. Using the tabs at the back of the wig to adjust, you should figure out the best placement for the wig and pull it into place.

To put it on, you can bring your head forward in a bow and pull the wig all the way to your hairline in the front. Adjust accordingly when on.

Long-term Wig Care

No matter which type of wig you buy, all the styles here at Wilshire Wigs are of the best quality and can be an investment. If you wish to make your wig last longer, you must learn to take good care of it! Because it will no longer look how you bought it if you don't. Hence, here is what you need to know about long term wig care.

The first thing to know is whether your wig is synthetic or natural fiber. Although you would normally know this before, it is still important to reiterate here because both types cannot be treated the same in terms of the heat and product applied to it. For example, human hair wigs are stronger and longer-lasting as they are better resistant to heat and tangle a lot less compare to synthetic hair wigs.

The next thing to focus on is buying the right products for washing your wig. These include a special conditioner and shampoo, as well as a quality wig comb. Washing your wig entails soaking your wig in shampoo and water, then running the comb down the wig hair strands to detangle and clean. Once this is done, the wig hair is to be rinsed and let dry. You should wash your wig after every six to eight times you have worn it.

Once your wig is dry and clean, you should find a dry and clean space to store it. You should normally have a mannequin head stand to place it on, simply because it retains its shape and structure that way. In addition, you may also want to keep it in a box or covered with plastic to keep it dust and dirt free.

If you are looking for styling your wig a certain way, we recommend that you take it to a professional stylist, especially if you are new to the wig scene. Do not cut or try to curl your wig hair at home, because it will not grow back and may melt if the iron is too hot! Leave the styling, at first, to the professionals!

Next is either to avoid hairspray and other products completely or to use them very cautiously so as not to overdo it. These products, along with the heat from blow-drying or curling, can result in permanent damage to the wigs. So be super careful with these tools and products. Again we’d recommend a professional stylist for this.

Lastly, if you ever feel lazy and are considering falling asleep with your wig on, please don't. Not only will it tangle your wig quite badly, but it can also potentially ruin your hair texture and styling for good. Hence, always take your wig off before hitting the sack!

Famous Wig Brands That You Can Find On Wilshire Wigs

Wilshire wigs are known for catering to all sorts of hair-related needs when it comes to wigs for women, men and even children. From hairpieces to accessories and extensions, you can practically find everything right here on our website. We also have a great selection of costume and Hollywood wigs. Wilshire a smaller selection also check out our petite human hair wigs, and our other petite cap size wigs.

Wilshire Wigs has partnered with a variety of popular and notable wig brands to offer a wide collection of hair items to all our clients. Our feature brands include the infamous wigs by Raquel Welch, from whom a large variety of synthetic fiber women's wigs are made. Additionally, we also have Jon Renau, Envy, WigPro Collection and many more as our featured brands this time around.

We also have offer wigs from Amore, Noriko, House of European Hair and many others to offer access for all potential clients. All wigs are provided in the best conditions and come in a number of lengths and styles. If you’re having trouble selecting the correct piece or color please contact us.

Our Services

While having a large selection of wig brands and styles to buy from is one of the services Wilshire Wigs provides, it is not necessarily the only important work we do when it comes to wigs. In addition, we also repair and style wigs as well as make custom wigs and hairpieces for our clients.

We are proud to be the best place for Wigs in Los Angeles. To get in touch with us in order to inquire more about our services, please don't hesitate to call or contact the Customs Department at 1-800-927-0874. You can also email us at [email protected].

So quit the waiting and give us a call! If you need to get your wig fixed, or order a new one, Wilshire Wigs is the place to look through!