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Human Hair Wigs

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Human Hair Wigs For Women & Men

Human hair is, of course, the most natural looking fiber used in wigs and hairpieces, and it can be styled and tinted as with natural, growing hair. It is also more expensive than synthetic fiber. Depending on the type of human hair used, the cost ranges from moderate to very expensive.

Most of the human hair used in wigs and hairpieces has had the cuticle chemically removed. This make the hair much less likely to tangle. Take a strand of your own hair and run your fingers over it from top to bottom. The hair feels silky, right? Now, try the reverse and run your fingers up the strand. The hair feels slightly coarse and your fingers don't slide as easily as they did going down. This is because the cuticle, the outside layer of the hair, is composed of overlapping protective scales which point away from the scalp and toward the end of the hair. As hair strands rub against each other the tiny scales can cause the hair to tangle.

Human hair that has had the cuticle removed is silky and almost tangle-free, but it is not as strong as hair with the cuticle intact. You should always treat this hair gently. If you decide to dye the hair, we recommend going darker rather than lighter. Lightening is much more damaging to the hair than tinting.