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Long Hair Wigs

Long Hair Wigs Human hair used in human wigs and hair pieces is the closest to real hair that can be manufactured and is usually more costly than synthetic, human hair because of the more elaborate manufacturing process involved. It can also be dyed and treated like human hair, although it is not as durable as its close cousins. Medium-length hair is mid-length, ranging from shoulder length to around your waist. Long Hair Wigs Medium hair lengths can go all the way up to your shoulders, sometimes even stopping just below your chest. These types of long hair wigs are often styled in ways that resemble human hair, but they are more durable and more difficult to maintain than most other human wigs.

Short Hair Wigs These are the shortest length available on the market, ranging anywhere from shoulder length to your wrist. Medium long hair wigs are often styled in ways that look more like long hair, but they are still more fragile and more expensive than most medium hair wigs. Full Lace Front Wigs This style is similar to long hair wigs, but these wigs are trimmed only where the knots are visible, making them appear very natural. They do require professional cleaning every couple of months. These are some of the priciest long hair wig styles available.

Clip In Wigs Some of these wigs are sold without the hair coming through the front or back. The hair is "snapped" to a portion of the wig that fits snugly behind the head, allowing you to get rid of the need for tedious hair pulling and snipping. Other types of clip in wigs are very similar to natural human hair wigs. Real hair wigs can be dyed to match the color of the wig and sometimes, real hair wigs can be treated to improve their look and feel. All wigs, however, are made using human hair so you can guarantee a quality, long lasting wig.

Brazilian Wigs Long hair wigs made from real human hair are incredibly popular and there are a variety of different looks you can achieve depending on the style and cut of the hair. These wigs are often inexpensive compared to other types. They can be styled just like your long hair would be, with the added benefit of being able to sit up straight. There are long, Brazilian wigs available that have a front slit for those who want their hair off of their face. Many of these Brazilian wigs are made of hypoallergenic synthetic hair that has been specially manufactured to resist damage from brushing, hair drying, and the sun.

Invisible Long Hair Wigs These types of wigs can cover the entire head, making it impossible to determine whether or not there is any hair remaining. These are also very affordable, but because they are made from synthetic hair, it is possible to wash them and still keep them looking great. Because of the ease in which to care for an invisible wig, it is one of the most popular long hair options on the market.

Whether you have short hair or long hair, there are many different types of wigs to suit your unique look. If you are interested in buying long hair wigs then make sure you do your research and find a high quality, reliable wig that fits your needs and personality. No matter what type of wig you choose, you will look great once you add your personal touch to it.