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Wigs for Women

If this is your first time purchasing a wig, please see our Beginners Guide or feel free to contact one of our women’s wig specialists.  

One of the most overlooked aspects of buying a wig for women is finding the proper size. While shopping on our site you can sort by each size using our product filter on the left side of the page. We feature many average, large, and petite cap size wigs for women. If you’re unsure of our size, please visit our Wig Size Guide before purchasing.

We offer many various lengths, such as long, mid-length, and short wigs for women, alongside different fiber types.

Synthetic hair is becoming more popular as their construction and quality is becoming more like human hair in terms of feel, look and stylability. What’s the main difference between synthetic and human hair wigs? Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fiber, and typically hold their styles after several washes. Human hair wigs are made up of real human hair, hence after washing they will need to be restyled.

We offer a great selection as well as descreet shipping boxes of wigs for women with thinning hair. We understand this can be a delicate topic and are here to help in any way.

It's very important to use the latest technology for washing and styling your wigs, please see our Wig Accessories to view all the top products.


Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are the best way to increase your style with real human hair. Each piece can take several days to construct, made of the highest quality, and best of all, they are easy to style. It’s best to note that after washing you will need to restyle your wig. Most salons will be able to wash and style your wig. At Wilshire Wigs, we offer wig styling service; please see our services page for more information.

Shop the best selection of human hair wigs for women: See All


Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from lightweight, breathable material which allows you to stay cool while looking beautiful. Why choose synthetic fiber? Each piece is made with high-tech fiber which is heat and water resistant. This means even if you’re out in the elements your wig will remain styled.

Just like human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs are available in lace-front and a variety of sizes: petite, average, and large.


Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs are natural-looking wigs whose caps are constructed with a thin, mesh, nylon-like material called monofilament fabric. Unlike traditional wefts, monofilament fabric gives you the ability to sew hair fibers into the wig cap one hair (or a few hairs) at a time. This method of wig construction mimics the way hair naturally grows out of a scalp. Regardless of whether the wig is made from synthetic hair or human hair, the method of construction is the same for both men and womens wigs.


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